KENGO MAEDA Another World Ends 歌詞

I wish the spring would come back  I swear you were the brilliant summer
So wind is now blowing like your breath Always my heart been getting closer(To you)

Love was forbidden Broken my heart was torn in two
The time been shaking the view I see and believe

Any difficulty I’ve had seem so tiny part
Because now feeling how much you mean to me
Oh man, if you would say I’ve loved you more than you

And then catch me, touch me It’s really what I’ve needed
Stop me! Who can stop me? I can’t stop, can’t stop, can’t stop stop this emotion

Just feel is not enough to be satisfied. Because you are the only one ever
This world would end when we see each other. Please hold me!
So please come back to me For my sake, I’ve lost heart
Stop this heartache! Do this last forever?
I wish I would be always thinking about you

Oh isn’t it a long time? Now we really feel it
Stop this heartache! You can stop this heartache!
If you held me tightly, we would be one part once again

Oh it is a long time but we’re really happy
You are the very part Be with me

So now come back to me For my sake! I’ve lost heart Stop this heartache! Do this last forever?

Time has passed like we’d hoped Feel like here we belong now
Feel now here we are

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